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N-Gen Maori Digital Collective

Maori Digital entrepreneurship is taking off in Northland thanks to the N-Generation Collective.

N-Gen were formed with the aims of increasing opportunities and reducing barriers for Maori creative/digital technologists. More generally the collective want to contribute towards economic development for Maori in Northland.

Currently operating out of the Innovative Business Base in Dent St, Whangarei, the group are keen for a future where they have their own digital space. They run regular events for gamers, developers and creatives and these could be expanded with a dedicated location.  Gaming tournaments are one of the key focusses for the group as they help connect them to the community and initiate conversations with youth of how they may pathway into the industry. Workshops, linked to the tournaments build capacity and embed skills. N-Gen also hold general networking nights (often in conjunction with Creative Technology Northland) to help digital creatives connect over ideas and specific projects.

For more information about N-Generation contact Te Piha Niha –